Extended for one day only - Saturday, Nov. 3rd!


In the dark of night and a chill in the air, enjoy a haunting trip through the woods of the Endangered Ark. Bravely take your seat, keep friends and loved ones near, and embark on a night of thrills as the tractor leads you on an unforgettably spooky journey. Be prepared for terrifying encounters with many of infamous characters straight from your worst nightmares. Spine chilling screams can be heard throughout your trip, many of them coming from you!

Rides will begin at 8:00 PM on Friday – Saturday, 7:30PM on Monday – Tuesday. The typical duration of your Haunted Trail will be 20 minutes. The last haunted ride will depart at 9:30 PM on Friday – Saturday, 8:30PM on Monday – Tuesday. The Haunted Trail will ONLY be open October 27th – 28th and 30th – 31st, so don’t miss your chance at this thrilling adventure where your heart will pound and your adrenaline will pump. Each ride is only $10.00 per person so be sure and come back for multiple scares because no two rides will be the same.

The Haunted Trail is the newest attraction of the Hugo Pumpkin Festival, benefiting the elephants of the Endangered Ark Foundation. For more information email us or call 580 317-8470.